An old new life

Moving may make you think of boxes, clothing, cooking ware, bicycles, old tires, old stuff and lots of work to do. Besides that, all the paperwork that has to be taken care of. It also implies cancelling services and changing your address in all possible businesses and Internet sites you have ever registered to. This is what I have been doing for the past few months… without exaggerating. There are events that will leave a deep mark in your life and moving is one of them, incluiding the bruises I’ve got while moving boxes and putting things back in place.


Boxes and more boxes


It’s been a major challenge, but everything has turned out fine. My daughter and I moved into a new appartment in a very nice neighborhood. Coming from Europe, nice would mean that it is very green, with lots of flowers, almost no cars and of course no noise, at least this would be the definition of nice in Germany. But in Mexico City, nice can mean very elegant and a neighborhood where you only see big walls and sometimes have a glance of a very big house. However, my new neighborhood is nice in a sense that you can find everything in a radious of 1 km, in walking distance. We also have a traditional park with old trees that refresh the area. Next to the park there is a real Mexican market where you find all kinds of fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price and of excellent quality. The market is being renovated and it will be very nice once it’s finished. In the same street we live there are two or more convenience stores with all kinds of refreshments, cans, soap, bread and dairies, among other things. They are open everyday, including Sunday. Around the block there is a bakery with gluten free or sugar free products, ideal for my brother and my dad.


A bakery

A traditional bakery, not the one gluten free

There is a pharmacy with a small doctor’s office where you can get medical advice without having to sell your car. Mmmm, and I have to mention the place where they sell roasted chicken two blocks away. It’s the best chicken ever, and you get corn tortillas, hot salsa and Mexican rice for free! If you don’t feel like cooking there are lots and lots of small restaurants around. We have been a couple of times to one called ‘La Jarochita’ where you can eat a complete menu including  soup, rice or spaghetti, a main course and a jar of lemonade or Jamaica water. The serving aren’t big, but you can order more for $10,00 or 50 cents. It is very affordable and cheaper than cooking at home,  depending of course of the menu. ‘Jarochita’ is a diminutive for Jarocha that refers to a person coming from the State of Veracruz in the Southeast of Mexico. This restaurant has the flavours of the kitchen in Veracruz and reminds me of my childhood when we used to travel to Coatzacoalcos to visit my mothers relatives.
People in our neighborhood are very friendly, they are always working in their small businesses, and as I mentioned before, they work almost evey day in the week. Many of them open after 9 a.m. and close after 8 p.m.

The streets are not very wide and they have trees, maybe for some of you this is a new idea of Mexico City. It’s a megalopolis, but every neighborhood has its own characteristics and many of them have trees and parks 🙂

The park

Afternoon in the park

Oh, and we also have Internet connection, 20 MB. I put this info here because when we told some people in Germany that we were moving to Mexico, that was one of tne first questions we got: Are you going to have Internet? Well… I leave my next comment to your imagination.
As for the noise, yes! It is very noisy city and where live starts getting noisy early in the morning because Mexicans think that if you honk very loud and for a long time the traffic will move faster. Well, that’s what we have observed up to now! It could also be that everyone wants to show off their cars and the sound of their horns. In the afternoon you will listen to children playing in the yard behind our building and that reminded me to of the afternoons I used to spend playing and running around with my cousins. In my time that was what children used to do, run around and play outside. However, I have noticed that children nowadays spend a lot of time sitting in front of TVs, PC, PSP, Wii and other devices. The children that I hear in the afternoon laughing and playing cannot afford such things. The others live in a parallel virtual world and over here I’ve seen three or four year old children lost in iPads and tablets!
Another funny noise that we have around here is a truck that has a tape with a very loud and piercing woman’s voice shouting the word: ‘ refrigeradores, colchones, microondas, lavadoras o fierro viejo que vendaaaaaaaan’ They are people who buy old stuff such as matresses, washing machines, junk, etc. either resell it in or ‘repair’ stuff. At first I thought it was just one pickup and I wondered when I visited my aunt in another part of the city and heard exactly the same voice how they came around in all parts of the city. Then I realized that it is only a recording and many different pickups! To finish with the noise, I have to mention the Gas truck. They pass every street in the neighborhood, all week, yes, including Sunday, shouting ‘Gaaaaaaaaas’ so that people can exchange their empty gas tank for a full one. As I live on a fourth floor, when I look down to other houses I can always see the gas tanks on the roofs in the sun and getting very hot… It’s always been like that in Mexico and I hope it continues that way, that is with no gas explosions! Ah, and last but not least, if you’re at home and suddenly listen to a bell, like the ones in Jingle-Bells, it’s not Santa or not ‘La Cloche’ that brings chocolate in Easter in France, it’s the truck that picks up the trash in every street and corner of the city.

This is then every day life in a nice neighborhood in one of the biggest cities in the world. I leave you then till next time and I will drink a cup of coffe while listening to the birds, real birds 🙂


10 thoughts on “An old new life

  1. Hallo Tona, das sind ja tolle Neuigkeiten! Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start im neuen Zuhause. Ich kann es praktisch vor mir sehen, es klingt sehr schön. Bis zum nächsten Theaterbesuch dauert es nun wohl. Du in Mexico, Liza mit Baby und ich in Kuala Lumpur. Aber ich hoffe eines Tages verschlägt es uns alle mal wieder, zumindest für eine kurze Zeit, in dieselbe Ecke der Welt. Ich würde gerne von Deinem Erlebnissen erfahren. Freu mich auf den nächsten Blog. Falls du in meinen reinschauen willst: Viel Glück, Sabine

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hallo Sabine! Es war auch eine Überraschung zu hören, dass du in Kuala Lumpur bist. Der nächste Weg 😉 Liza hat es mir erzählt, da war ich auch schon mit den Umzugsvorbereitungen beschäftigt. Es ist sicherlich immer noch eine Umstellung, aber sicherlich spannend und ingeressant! Ich entdeckce meine Stadt vom Neuen auf und finde Altes wieder. Ein Abenteuer ist es immer! Ich wünsche Euch auch viel Erfolg und vielleicht treffen wir uns in München oder ganz woanders auf der weiten Welt! Abrazos.


  2. ¡Hola Tona, Tonita, qué alegría leerte otra vez! Ya me imagino como han sido tus meses previos, una locura. Una de las cosas que más echo de menos aquí en Europa es esa comida verdaderamente casera a un precio razonable y en cada esquina. Esa libertad de no sentirte obligada a cocinar (que a mi me gusta mucho cocinar, pero me acuerdo que cuando vivía en Colombia era muy fácil conseguir una alternativa sin sentir eso de que estás comiendo ‘comida de restaurante’). ¿De verdad piensan en Alemania que no hay internet en México DF?
    Aquí en Andalucía tambien me toca el camión del gas (con las bombonas al sol quemante de verano) y la grabación de la voz punzante para la recogida de neveras y otra para afilar cuchillos o retapizar meubles. Ayer hubo la de 3 melones por 5 euros. Todo un poeta. Llegó el verano. Muchos besos, me alegra que vivan en un barrio bueno de acuerdo con los estándares alemanas, jajaja!

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  3. Mil gracias por tus comentarios, querida Rosa. Así es, por acá la vida es más folclórica 😉 Te mando u. fuerte abrazo hasta Andalucía que me encanta y que me hacía sentir casi como en casa.


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