Sleeping, no beauty

Beautiful hours of relaxation and recharging energy. That would be an ideal definition of sleeping. Some people usually get a good rest and enjoy closing their eyes while losing their consciousness for some time. Others fear the time where they have to go to bed and sleep. There are others who have periods of good, relaxing sleep while some other times struggle to fall asleep or wake up in the early morning hours feeling as if they had just arrived from a transcontinental flight …

sleeping cat

Relaxed kitten

I’ve come across a lot of different sleepers. I was bewildered at the sleeping qualities of many Brazilians in São Paulo. While waiting to get their turn at the bank, they got there calmly, sat in an uncomfortable chair, closed their eyes and immediately fell asleep while listening to the TV with some sports event. You may be thinking that they were only resting their eyes, as my grandma used to say while she fell asleep every Sunday watching a soccer match or the ‘corrida de toros’, very popular at that time. I was telling you, how I knew that the men were sleeping, I just observed their relaxed position in the chair, sometimes really dangerous as if they were about to slide from their seats like melting ice. I also noticed their paused breathing and I could sometimes look at the REM movements of their closed eyes. Another type of relaxed sleepers, are the road workers I saw during their lunch break in the metropolis São Paulo. At 12 o’clock they interrupted their jobs, usually something very loud like hammering with a sledge hammer or using a paving machine, at twelve they sat at the curbside, had a small lunch and wherever they were, they laid down on the pavement and slept. I remember walking on the street from home to the next market having to pay attention not to step on someones hand or shoe and wake them. If you imagine the noise of a Mexican or Brazilian street, the hardness of concrete and the not always clean sidewalks, you may admire these sleepers. I think they are the champions! In Munich, I have only seen people in deep sleep traveling in the S-Bahn or sub-urban train. Some of them seem to have a lot of practice because they wake up at the right station and get off the train awake. I couldn’t do it, either I’d still be sleeping in some wagon on the road to nowhere or I could fall to the floor as soon as the doors opened. What a talent of those wonderful sleepers!

Other people have lots of trouble falling asleep and they have to take some kind of chemical help. Some drink a relaxing tea following one of the many different recipes all over the world, others like a friend of mine drink a glass of warm milk with honey, some others drink a beer to relax. Another friend of mine has to sleep with an eye mask and his earplugs with a boring story so that he can fall asleep. By the way, his mask is black and he looks like Zorro… and looking at him I couldn’t fall asleep because I was really amused remembering the old Zorro films with Tyrone Power or the Zorro TV-show when I was a child.

However, insomnia or having a very slight sleep is no joke and I really have consideration for those who suffer from it.

Another sleeping condition we have all experienced is the dreaded snoring. Yes, I can almost see your faces… Snoring is seen by some as a sickness, the phenomenon is called sleep apnea though I don’t know enough of the topic to really define it. on the practical side of life. I’ve heard many types of snores. Some quiet like a deep breathing with a low noise, others middle loud, like a small animal making noises, others like a coffee machine releasing damp, and lets get to the louder ones: a lion, a bear, a dragon, sawing trees, falling trees or even an earthquake!


Sleeping dragon, by blackseagull from Deviantart

The one who lies at the side of the snoring person (not always a man) is not really happy about that. If you have personally experienced this, you know what I’m talking about, especially if you are one of the difficult or light sleepers. The anger you start developing brings you to a state where you start hating the snorer, even if in normal circumstances you maybe love the person… Any remedies against snoring? Not that I know of… There are even extreme solutions like operating the vellum or whatever tissue that vibrates and causes the snores. I’m not sure if it works, but you know the ideas we can get while trying to sleep next to a snoring person, and without exaggerating, loud snorers don’t have to be sleeping in the same room… Just to close this idea, the Brazilian sleepers in banks, buses, sidewalks were usually men  and I don’t know if they were snoring … but women can also snore… thinking of some people I know 😉

This loud problem may have a radical solution for couples. No, it’s not what you may imagine… It’s simply separate sleeping rooms, if you have enough space at home. There are people who defend this idea, to avoid having hard feelings on their partners because of the deprivation of sleep. However, others tend to fix the idea of a common sleeping room as an indisputable sign of a well functioning ‘marriage’ or relationship. Well, in this case you can judge and decide by yourselves.

Why did I choose this topic? First of all because after an intercontinental trip I’m still having trouble sleeping well… I wake up listening how the birds out of my window also wake up and start to sing… I’m usually a good sleeper and I find this situation a little bit annoying >.<

Secondly, leaving the soccer World Cup aside, there was a recent premiere in the cinemas, Maleficent or the other side of the Sleeping Beauty story. Sleeping a hundred years doesn’t sound that bad, does it? I still don’t know how Maleficent got that idea of punishment for a girl that she didn’t even know. How if Aurora loved to sleep? How if she could’t sleep well in the past fifteen years while living with her three god mothers who may be loud snorers? I especially suspect the older one… Mmmm, the one in the red gown.

Maleficent Angie

I found the idea of presenting the story from another point of view very interesting. As in real life, we usually get to know the version of the story of the ones who won or the ones we know, who are almost always automatically “the good guys”. Watching this version, with Angelina Jolie playing the dark fairy, You get a simplistic psychological explanation of her doings. Nevertheless, if you like spectacular cinema with lots of special effects, fairies and other fantasy creatures you may then want to watch it.

Sticking to an older version of the story, it is said that Charles Perrault, a French writer retold the story taken from older narrations and called it “La Belle au Bois Dormant”. Later on the Grimm Brothers changed some parts of it and wrote their own version calling it “Dornröschen”. However, both of them excluded the dark second part of the story which is absolutely not for children or soft hearted people… An old version second part was told by Giambattista Basile, who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries, and talks about the prince finding the sleeping maiden, abusing her and she later on having two children because of this act… Well, what do you think about this surprise? Not that nice or innocent as the Disney versions. By the way, Maleficent may have a big impression on smaller children… of course depending on their experience in going to the cinema.

I hope you had a good night rest or will have one depending on the continent you live in.

Have a nice week!



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